On With Valentine

Demand Poetry on Instagram via Dyana Valentine
I met an amazing women via Tara Gentile (natch) … Dyana Valentine. She popped up in a circle on Google+ last week and I followed her over to her video blog, a post called “You Will Survive.”

We are all nothing short of normal and boring, it is true– however, that flip side of that veritable life coin is that we are each, also, nothing short of a miracle. Our lives and and our talents, such as they are.

I love that I keep stumbling over such wonderful people like Dyana and Tara out here in the universe. Because over and over again I keep getting this belief affirmed.

Over there in the photo you can read the Demand Poem that Dyana ordered from me. Tomorrow she and I are going to chat about my process of writing it via Skype.

Meanwhile, you really should get to know Dyana, early morning wake-up call and all!

Here’s what she had to say in that first video post that grabbed me, which is way more worthy than anything I have to blather on about around here.

Peace out.

2 thoughts on “On With Valentine

  1. thank you so much for the art, first of all, and the terrific-ness of sharing the love and co-inspiration here. I really appreciate you. Here’s a link to the Woke Up Knowing Show you referenced, for anyone who is game: http://wokeupknowing.com/the-show I hope to hear you there. I’m still in reverie with my poem–figuring out where to hang it, or if I can minaturise (sp?) it and carry it around with me. Thank you!

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