Demand Poetry

Demand Poetry Elizabeth Howard typewriter

Personalized, custom poetry is the perfect gift

Demand Poetry is original poetry created with you, one-on-one on my Olivetti typewriter: signed and dated.

My wife loved the poem.

My daughter and I enjoyed it so much.
We read it through many times before I wrapped it. 

Thank you again for the wonderful poetry.”

Wayne D.

Buy Demand Poetry Now

Demand Poetry Original Poem
Starting at $79

Request a Demand Poem now and have it delivered to your door. Two options: Send me a prompt, or request a 30-minute interview.

Who requests custom Demand Poems?

  • People looking for the perfect gift for mom, for anytime, for Mother’s Day
  • A partner, to tell them you love them, for anniversary, wedding or just because
  • Mom and Dad or grandparents, as a thoughtful graduation gift
  • Friends for special event for annuals girls’ weekends
  • Anyone looking for a birthday gift for someone who has everything,
  • People who want to “treat yo’ self!” with a special kind of self-care,
  • When someone is looking for how to say “I love you” in a unique, original way.

I just wanted to let you know that I received your gorgeous demand poem written for my daughter, Jenna, today, and it brought tears to my eyes to read your incredible work!

I am utterly amazed at how you are able to garner such an intimate understanding about someone through a brief interview. I can’t wait to present this unique, meaningful gift to my daughter.

Darla, Westchester, NY

Demand Poetry, Step-by-Step

  • You tell me what you want: a customized poem for yourself? For your daughter? For a friend on their birthday or wedding? Whatever the occasion, I can write for you.
  • You choose a size: 5×7 or 8×10. Both perfect for framing.
  • I ask some questions, but not too many.
  • I write the poem. Every poem is composed on my Olivetti Lettera, greased up and reconditioned by Mr. Typewriter, himself.
  • I create a “final” version, on beautiful paper.
  • I ship the poem to you — unfolded — in a sturdy envelope.

Demand Poetry framed Elizabeth Howard

Why is Demand Poetry is a perfect gift?

A custom poem by Elizabeth G. Howard is full of your real experiences, real detail from both of you, but in a completely original way.

It is a brief and potent and personal.

It is real time spent together, one-one-one, unravelling a part of your beautiful story.

Demand Poetry says: love.

Demand Poetry Original Poem

starting at $79

Hire a Poet for Live Events

I am available to write Demand Poetry at your live event. Interested in offering poetry at your wedding, fundraiser, or other event?

Demand Poetry is also available for live events.
Ask me about my rates and referrals.

Disclaimer: All Demand Poetry is original writing, created at the time of commission. Author retains sole copyright and right of publication of all work.

Gratitude to Zach Houston for inspiring me to write Demand Poetry.