Demand Poetry Client

I just wanted to let you know that I received your gorgeous demand poem written for my daughter, Jenna, today, and it brought tears to my eyes to read your incredible work!

I am utterly amazed at how you are able to garner such an intimate understanding about someone through a brief interview. I can’t wait to present this unique, meaningful gift to my daughter.

Demand Poetry Client

“The poem Elizabeth wrote for me was stunning. It will be treasured for years to come. She has such a beautiful way with words and infuses a perfect balance of reverence and humor. Treat yourself or a loved one to one of her poems, you won’t regret it!

Ali Everett
Demand Poetry | Songwriter

“I found out about Elizabeth’s Demand Poetry through a friend on Instagram. I immediately asked her if she would write one for me. As a songwriter I love words and poetry. They inspire me to be a better writer and to connect on a deeper level with myself. Having someone write for you can help you to see things about yourself through their words that you would otherwise take for granted.

Elizabeth sent me a beautiful hand typed poem (I’m also a sucker for anything hand typed) within 24 hours. Her words were beautiful and encouraging — I’m looking forward to framing and hanging it within my studio.

Thank you Elizabeth, your writing is beautiful and brings me much joy every time I read it.

Joan Law
Marketing Client
Owner, Feng Shui Joan’s Way, Milford, CT

“I have been working with Elizabeth on web design and development as well as content writing and I could not be happier. Elizabeth’s ability to listen to the needs of my business and the information I needed to provide my current and prospective clients has been exceptional.

“She has been efficient with her time and able to work within my budget while also delivering quick turn-around. I have also relied on Elizabeth for technical support and instruction to become more adept and managing my website. It is with complete confidence that I recommend Elizabeth.

Roger Van Brussel
Marketing Client
CEO, American Dry Stripping, Milford, CT

“Elizabeth is one of the hardest working, most dedicated people I know. She brings energy and joy to her craft. Elizabeth excels as a marketing strategist because she listens, absorbs and researches then develops strategies and tactics that work. Our webpage was once barely known and now we are have a top ranking in Google and well recognized in our geography with new inquiries coming in through our portal everyday.
Thanks E for all you do.

Anne Mulligan
Marketing Client
Art Director, Mulligan’s Creative and Event Coordinator, Coastal Arts Guild of CT

“Elizabeth is a powerhouse! She is a highly motivated, detail-oriented writer with great ideas. Her work on our big yearly art show, Artists & Artisans in Paradise was key to the show’s success. She wrote and placed multiple well-written, concise press releases that brought us vendors and crowds.

Elizabeth’s knowledge of WordPress, email marketing and social media was also integral to our success. She wrote compelling newsletters, made regular posts to the event Facebook page and tweeted to showcase participants keep the interest in the show fresh and expand our reach.”

Kieron Shaw
Head of Research, Melcrum Publishing, London

A great writer … fast and prolific, which makes all the difference, and she has enormous amounts of energy and enthusiasm to whatever she does. She has a particularly great understanding of story and structure, which means that the work is always professionally done. As well as all that, she’s great fun!

Heather Burns
Sustainability Strategist, co-founder of Alive Communities
former editor of AllGreen Magazine

Elizabeth Howard is an editor’s dream. Her writing is excellent, she works quickly, and she has a keen eye for detail.

Charlie Tapper
Serial/Trash Marketing

They say things come in three. And anyone who’s met Elizabeth will utter three questions. Why didn’t I think of that? Why didn’t I know that? and Why didn’t I write that. She has the unique ability to translate mountains of confusing and difficult content into clear and manageable chunks.

Her fiction is perceptive and honest. You get the feeling she’s really thought about her characters and that she’s holding back the information to craft a better story. But still, when I read her stories I always say “why didn’t I think of that? “why didn’t I know that? “why didn’t I write that.

Frank Grazynski
Development Manager, Earthplace, The Nature Discovery Center

Elizabeth not only possesses a great writing ability and skill level, she also has an excellent interview style. Elizabeth readily grasps ideas and concepts uncovered during the process.

Karin Holmgren
Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations, Pitney Bowes
former Marketing Manager of Medicare Solutions

Elizabeth’s work as a blogger for our Medicare Solutions site was top-notch. She took a subject with which she was unfamiliar and researched topics to write suitable blog posts. It takes a certain skill and talent to take a subject matter that one is not at all interested in and make it interesting! Her blog topics were timely, the right length and correctly optimized for our site. Elizabeth’s writing is crisp and clear – no need to edit at all. I would certainly hire her to write again!