Fall 2023 Writing Workshop – Sign up now.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Art School KC to offer “Art School Writing Workshop” coming Fall 2023.

Course Description:

“Build your writing craft, wherever you are in your process!

The Art School Writing Workshop is designed to encourage writers of all levels to write, edit, submit, and enjoy their creative writing journey. Workshops include freewriting on themes along with empowering share and critique sessions. Writers will have the opportunity to share and receive guided feedback on their writing.

This course is geared toward anyone who identifies as a writer from age 18 (or 16 with parent permission) up.”

Why offer this workshop

I’ve been a longtime member of the Writing Workshop KC, led by Poet Jen Harris. This group has done great work in the writing community, particularly during the pandemic. The just write! positive response approach creates a safe space for writers that many have not experienced.

I want to grow on this philosophy, offering a space for writing, with the additional opportunity to experience Critical Response Process. Giving and receiving feedback in a thoughtful and meaningful way is a crucial skill for all writers to develop.

Experiencing critique empowers writers to evolve in their writing and grow.

“When defensiveness starts, learning stops. The Critical Response Process emphasizes the benefits of getting artists to think about their work in a fresh way, as opposed to telling them how to improve their work or asking them to defend it. This aim is supported by the discipline of the neutral question.”

Liz Lerman Critical Response Process: a method for getting useful feedback on anything you make, from dance to dessert

Background in Writing and Workshops

I joined my first writing group in Connecticut, meeting up with like-minded writers in the basement of a bar in New Haven.

But before that I studied literature, poetry, non-fiction writing at the University of Missouri Kansas City, receiving my M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition. What is that? Well, it’s basically the study of how we compose writing, particularly how we form an argument in writing. They are the branches of study that deal with the effective use of words and persuasion.

Prior to this, I studied journalism at Iowa State, and focused primarily on long-form feature writing, arts writing, and literary non-fiction.

I’ve looking forward to meeting writers in the Kansas City area who want to experience empowering critique and grow in community!

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