Digital Content — Analog Rhythm

I’m Elizabeth, a poet and digital content strategist

I started writing on a typewriter.

I am now an SEO & Content Specialist.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that.

My storytelling — whether digital or analog — connects with the reader’s heart.

Latest Updates

  • “You Inspire Me” –> Poetry Month 2023

    “You Inspire Me” –> Poetry Month 2023

    Who has inspired you? During the month of April 2023 — National Poetry Month – I will be writing poems inspired by inspiring people. If you’d like to play a part, you can, and it’s easy! I would love for you to tell me about someone who has inspired you. Complete the form below. I’ll […]

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  • My business, my art: Spring 2022 @ Artist Inc

    Artist Inc KC Spring cohort 2022 wraps April 25 On Monday, April 25, 2022, I will be in the blackbox theatre at Charlotte Street Foundation, sharing the business of my art. But it won’t be just me. In the last eight weeks, I have been privileged to join with 23 other artists in “Artist Inc“. […]

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  • bias pleats

    bias pleats

    all the boys liked to grabsarah’s boob one orthe otherwhen they passed herlocker likeshe was a sideshow attractiona free onethey’d honk the flesh likean old car hornsome even making thearrrooogah sounda sound they’d only ever heardin cartoons and walk onwithout even noticing her theremore attention to thesharpness of hercotton blousebias pleats bothsewn and ironed byher […]

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