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The Wilderness Inside

wilderness inside

Arriving at the fair, this annual trek we Take to the hills of central Connecticut I marvel again at the size of the whole Ordeal, the mounds of raw chicken Cooking in even rows — The art projects Sorted by…

Identity is a Broken Hinge

identity is a broken hinge

Identity is a broken hinge on which The closet door of self hangs— The loose screws gasping to hang on Exhausted sheet rock shredding, Lost in a memory of its former self. A cry out! Ayyy me! OH the Agony of…

The ABCs of Band Names (and Other Diseases)

Band names diseases

Auto-Brewery Syndrome Basorexia Clinomania Dry Socket Excessive Sweating Flat Feet Galactorrhea Hot Tub Rash Iron Overload Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Kala-Azar Laughing Death Mary Hart Syndrome Nintendonitis Ototoxicity Pica Went the Magpie Qat Fever Rhinotillexomania Swimmer’s Itch Trench Mouth Underage…

Chubby Lady

Say hello to her, the person Who entered, You see her now? The chubby Middle-aged Lady in clunky boots with Gray streaks. Greet her since No one seem to have As yet. Hello lady: Sorry. I didn’t see you there.…


Karen Phillips - The One that I Love

I have a mother. She’s over there
In Iowa, playing Tetris.
I have three sisters, they are
Always available to me, on the phone
To laugh and retell stories. One of them
Did enough work, herself, to
Find her way all the way back from
“Who are you?” via “Who am I?”
To “Who cares? I love you anyway!” and
Because of that, we are sister-friends.

I have good girl friends, all over
The world.
Some I found in
Grad school, some on the floor of
A restaurant, on a porch swing,
In a pub.
There are those I am still
Excavating from the wreckage of
My college cyclone. Three
Revisit me all the way from the
Faraway land of Catholic school,
And seem to love me best.

One friend is Karen. She came with the
Wedding, free of charge. Insisted my hips
Will shimmy that way,
Come the day I let it all go.
She doesn’t ask me to change myself, or
Order me around; just to say,

Come in. Here’s the love. Here’s my arms–
I’ll hold you and you may lean in here,
No judgment. You are doing
Fine. Rest. Put your head down,
Sister, daughter, mother, friend.
I have got you. We are the
Same, no less, no better
And when you want to take up
The mantle again, you will be able to
Do it because all of us are here to hold you up
Say yes, you can. Know it because
You are me.

You are us.