Category: Ordinary Thanks

Elizabeth Howard’s online Gratitude log

Exactly Betty

Betty at evening you creep over
My duvet like a
Minefield and I’d guess this house
Became little repeating explosions
In your easy world
All those days ago when we brought
The new strays home.
Now, time’s gone by
And slowly-slowly, with same, exact
Steps you show me how
We grow, as you carefully
Make your way over little
Stuffed lambs and bears
On four quilts to
Say your timid goodnights.

Faraway Friend

You are mostly now just a voice
On the phone. Faraway you and I
Recount the tiptoeing we do through
The days– the beautiful funny
Blips on our children’s radar
Of attention and meaning that
Remind us that perfection is inside
The ordinary.

Number 4

I am listening to the snores of
Number 4 child, the one I spend more time with
Than all the others and feel grateful for this
Quiet hour and also for
Her funny, wonderful sweet