Ripped Fabric

The rip down the hip
Of these jeans makes me suddenly feel
I don’t have enough.
It’s because the two new pairs I
Bought last month have somehow ended up
In the laundry at the same time
Which, if you know my laundry
Schedule, is physics-ally impossible;
Making me think I must have
Slipped into a Dr. Who episode via the
Hamper and passed myself in
Time and space, perhaps
Knocked out by a nubby pink
Dryer ball. And now I am
Awake on a Sunday with
Two loads of dirty darks
To do, and twins pining over
Their general lack of leggings
And sure that I don’t have
Enough in my life or my
Closet to span the rip in
Laundry continuum.


  1. Mary Sherman

    Your words turned up the ends of both sides of my mouth!!

    1. Hi Mary! Every once in a while the humor slips out! Thanks for reading!

  2. I LOVE this! So many levels, so much truth.

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