Why Demand Poetry Thrills (and Chills)

Do people squeal when you tell them what you do?

I didn’t realize that people would SQUEAL when I told them about my business: Demand Poetry.

(Well, men do tend to “guy-squeal,” which is more like: “Ahhhh-AH! COOL!”)

They DO! It’s true! It has happened on the playground, at the gym, at church, at the grocery store. All over.

Demand Poetry (apparently) causes thrills, and chills.

I think I know why. Three reasons

First, Demand Poetry causes thrills because it is it is actually analog.

Let’s face it: we all love the IDEA of analog everything at the moment.

Analog, Redux

We are so tuned in and turned on, we practically vibrate. Our fabulous 960-megapixel Brilliant Phones are being used for everything, including to create photos that look like they were taken from those old, black plastic rectangular torture devices we had in 5th grade, with disposable cube flash.Hazards of Demand Poetry by Elizabeth Howard

So just mentioning a typewriter — particularly to folks just a few years younger than me, in that ‘just-missed-it’ generation– and you get, a reaction. Thrills. 

Demand Poetry is real analog. It’s not created on an iPhone, via Twitter chat. It’s not faux, with a font-that-looks-messy.

It’s real-world analog. And that’s thrillingly imperfect. It’s immediate, and smudgey, and, achingly human.

The Condensed

Not to mention, it’s//Poetry.  To Tweepsters //Poetry says// Enough.  Enough with Blu-Ray,//DVD, Betamax backwards unspooling of//My life.

We’re  a short & sweet people. Yet the secret to writing good poetry remains elusive to most of the 140-character generation.  The appeal, however, is baldy obvious.

The Cool Deep Down

But it isn’t the just the analog thrill, or the brevity that makes Demand Poetry so meaningful: it’s the chills.

It’s the chills that really make people squeal. Nervous titters from the “oh, don’t I know it, but can’t say it” part of deep down.

The process of Demand Poetry is deeply personal. It’s a way for you to tell a story — your own, one-on-one, perfectly broken love story — through your own, personal muse.

And it can be any kind of love story: mothers, wives, daughters, friends. Yourself.

Demand Poetry by Elizabeth HowardThe end effect between you, the poet (me), and the recipient is much like the connection between the type bar, the ribbon, and the paper.

It’s real, physical contact that hits its mark.


Not everyone who gets turned on by Demand Poetry goes through with it.

Following the squeals, the thrills and the chills is the realization that Demand Poetry isn’t just a pretty gift to hang on the wall.

It’s a beautiful, brave intersection between you and that person you love.

And, sure: not everyone is quite ready to put that on paper.

Yet, it’s a story you don’t want to miss telling. So why wait for something as tiny as courage?

Click here, and tell your story.