Sun Drops – small stone

late sun drops low
over the reservoir
one circle of light among

the dozen headlamps
already licking the
new english road.

I want to stop. The single
goose on a high rock island
wants me to stop.

the soft black top gravel
shoulder is wide but I’m
past before I know it.

sun there and gone, behind that
remnant wood; the rock wall
slumps, goose replaced
by a shattered pine tree.

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A Girl and Gloomy – small stone

how you adore the
Gloomy Bear, with his
Saucer eyes, and pink
fur. You don’t
Notice that he’s
Sadistic anime with
Blood on his
Claws. I coo
Nonchalantly and
Close that tab.


I’m writing small stones as part of the January Mindful Writing Challenge. Please feel free to comment! And come read more on small stones on Twitter.Read on…A Girl and Gloomy – small stone