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Building Your Website, and a Business

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I’ve been a bit quiet lately. The good news is it’s for a good reason!

I’ve had the pleasure of doing a real cross-section of work with graphic and web designer Mark Hannon. He and I also happen to be on the board of the Coastal Arts Guild of CT, together. It’s how we met actually.

The latest project we’ve done is one I think is really important: teaching other artist-entrepreneurs how to build their business, by building (and maintaining) their own websites on Wordpress. 

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Mark and I designed the course “Building Your Website for Artists & Creatives” (even for beginners!)  as a way to teach artists of any age that — YES — you can create and maintain your own website. And you should.

Now, I’ve been busy on other projects these days in my role a content and social media specialist, for wonderful clients. And I do enjoy that. And this work is building MY business. And that is very good.

So why is teaching others how to build their website (and their business) so special to me?

Here’s why:

  • Don’t fence me in. It’s no secret that I’m wild. I don’t want to feel constrained. That’s the artist in me. Other artists I’ve met are the same. They are constantly exploring, trying new media, new techniques, no matter the age. So Mark and I wanted to offer that opportunity to artists who may be reticent to explore the backend of a webpage.
  • The world needs to SEE this! You would not believe the beautiful stuff I have seen by the most unassuming people. Artists invest time, love and passion into their work. But they can’t haul their canvases and their sculptures around in their back pocket. Building your own website gives an artist who needs, wants, deserves exposure and reach the chance to spread the LOVE — the ART — into the world.
  • [caption id="attachment_487" align="alignright" width="300"]Website Class Wide_Mark Hannon Props to Mark Hannon for the detailed slides he created for the 4-week course.[/caption]

    Learn Flex Earn. I won’t knock you if you decide to spend your days stretching your brain on Lumosity. (Hey, I have that app). But if you want to spend time keeping your brain in shape, why not do it learning a skill that will also add value to your artist-entrepreneurial life?

  • The Real Deal. Nothing is more local and more real than the work of an artist. If you buy a product or service from an artist or creative,  it is the definitive real deal, handmade from the source. That’s the truth.
  • My Business is Yours. This last one is strange but true. Since I work in social media and marketing for artists, my business is yours. Teaching you a consistent model for sharing and promoting your work and events makes my job easier. It makes it easier for me to promote you. So I it’s only a little bit selfish

Mark and I have been very happy with the result of our first workshop. We had the gamut of students in the class, from terrified luddite to a tech teacher. All of the students have worked hard and progressed through the class, to create a functional, beautiful, searchable, website to share.

P.S. We’d also like to thank the B-Hive in Bridgeport, which is such a gorgeous, dynamic and inspiring co-working space. … Read on…Building Your Website, and a Business

New class: Creativity & Writing at Sterling House

Royal Typewriter drawingI’m looking forward to getting back to teaching with my upcoming new class “Creativity and Writing Workshop,” to be offered at The Sterling House in Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

The workshop will be held starting Oct. 15, (Wednesdays) from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

This is a 6-week program, open to fiction and non-fiction writers, from beginner to pro. The goal of this class to “jump-start” your writing, wherever you are.

We will explore topics such as: getting started and making time for writing, how to approach a first draft, what your “writing” style is, how to create meaningful characters, and how to use personal experience in writing, among many other topics.

This is space to learn how to do what you don’t know how to do, to reengage your abandoned writing passion, to activate and shape a new area of your creative brain, or to just to see words (and the world) in ways you probably have not before.

To register, please contact the Sterling House, 203-378-2606 or stop by 2283 Main Street in Stratford to register. Fee is $65 (plus membership) for 6 weeks.

You might have any number of questions that aren’t answered here that maybe stopping you from signing up (like, is this class REALLY right for me? Are they going to horrible long writing assignment like my high school teacher made me do? Do I have to let other people read my work?)

If you do, just send them to me or post them as a comment below. See you!

Here’s a bit more about me as a teacher and writer:

I’ve been a writer since I was 7 years old when I created my neighborhood newspaper on my mom’s typewriter. That was the beginning of a lifelong romance with telling people’s stories.

I studied Journalism at the Iowa State University in Ames and while studying there, I worked as an editor for the award-wining Iowa State Daily. I also trained in electronic media, workings as technical director at WOI-TV, the ABC affiliate .

I completed my internship at Walt Disney World in Florida and went on to direct the morning news at WDAF-TV (FOX affiliate) in Kansas City. After four years, I “retired” from television and went back to my first love, writing.

I freelanced for the Kansas City Star, the Kansas City Business Journal, Review and many other publications while I completed my master’s degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

I taught two years of college writing at UMKC and was awarded “Outstanding Graduate Teacher” award by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I went on to work as associate editor for all media at the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and Blacksmiths until our overseas move.

In London, I had the opportunity to write intensively. I completed two novels (in edits), was shortlisted for the Asham Award for Short Fiction, and studied short fiction under Mary Flanagan.

Back in the States in 2007, I have continued writing, freelancing and created “Demand Poetry.” I taught college writing for three years at Sacred Heart University. I am the resident poet of the Stratford Arts Guild and I currently string for The Stratford Star.Read on…New class: Creativity & Writing at Sterling House