Hi, I’m writer Elizabeth Howard.

I am a journalist, , and Demand Poet.

Elizabeth G. HowardI am a website content fixer, SEO specialist and writer of what you wanted to say.

  • I build WordPress websites for small businesses.
  • I write and edit blogs and static site content for B2B and B2C.
  • I create email marketing campaigns on Mailchimp.
  • My clients hire me to integrate their social media.
  • My clients hire me to clean up content messes, clarify jumbles of manic techno-phraseology and to generally make their website content right.
  • Clients hire me to get them “found” in search engines.
  • They hire me to write the things they want to say, but can’t.

I am a freelance researcher, writer and journalist.

Most recently I wrote for the Hersam Acorn publication: The Stratford Star. I studied journalism at Iowa State University and where I was an editor of the award-winning publication, The Iowa State Daily. 

I transitioned to features for The Kansas City Star and the Kansas City Business Journal, among others.

I am a poet.

Elizabeth Howard Demand Poetry

Elizabeth Howard writing Demand Poetry at Beechwood Open Salon

I’ve been writing poetry since I was old enough to write. The work I wrote when I was 8 rhymed. Now I write primarily in free verse. I studied poetry under Michelle Boisseau at UMKC.

I am the human being behind Demand Poetry.  I have been published in Boston Review, had a series published called “In the Details,” and led a writing group on the international writing community “Writing Our Way Home.”

I am a member of the Coastal Arts Guild of CT and the American Society of Poets.

I own and use an Olivetti Lettera, the same machine used by Martin Scorsese to type his screenplays.

I am a person.

Writer Elizabeth Howard

None of us is ever sitting still like this in real life.

I am married to Colin Phillips, a software maniac. Jessie the dog herds our kids around the yard.

Before moving to Connecticut, I lived and worked in London, Kansas City, Walt Disney World, and my home state, Iowa.

I tweet at @smallstate.

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