Getaway Poem

Let’s go on a little
Getaway, a little road trip, let’s
Escape the ho-hum, hum drum
The wires, the cables,
Electrical charges, the
Notifications the reminders, let’s
You and me just
Getaway from it all let’s
Dive into the drone of
The wheels on the road let’s
Not make a playlist let’s
Not hit the redbox let’s
Not count the number
Of underwear to pack or the
Number of stars at the resort.
Let’s fold down the
Seats, eat where we
Stop, stop when we
Ought to let’s just
Getaway, and bend ourselves
Into the curve of the
Highway, loll on
the skin of a lake,
Give ourselves
Up to transient clouds
As we gaze up and
Float clean away.

Written during National Poetry Month, day 7. To read more poem, click here. 

2 thoughts on “Getaway

  1. Nice, but so hard to do. There is the call of responsibility and the care of the many critters and flora and things. There is the upkeep of relationships. I am tightly woven into my life. To extricate myself I’d have to cut threads, or drop stitches. I find myself too comfortable in the pattern I chose. I would run off to the beach for the weekend, but I don’t want to roam anymore. I want what I have.

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, sometimes we create our own mental getaways right at home… how wonderful to feel so at peace and inspired in your home space! That’s lovely!

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