Weekend Work: Create a Mailing List Using MailChimp

Create a Mailing List Using MailChimp

 Task 2: Create a Mailing List using 

Weekend Work is the weekly series of strategy for business owners and creative entrepreneurs. Weekend Work is chunked tasks you can complete outside regular working hours.

This Weekend’s Task: Create a Email List

Goal: Start an campaign. Use MailChimp’s free service to collect emails of customers and interested potential customers. Then use the list to reach them directly. 

This is the perfect weekend to get started on an email marketing campaign if you don’t already have one.

1. Don’t be intimidated by the words “email marketing campaign.” Services like MailChimp and Constant Contact have been around for years and have made email marketing simple and virtually free for small business owners.

2. Start now. If people have signed up for your email list, that means they are already interested in your products or services. Why would you fritter that resource away?

3. Create an account on MailChimp. Why Mailchimp and not Constant Contact? In a word, integration. MailChimp continually ensures its mail product will just plain work with all the leading email, social media and web platforms. It’s hassle free and, in addition, it continually refreshes its templates and designs to keep pace with design standards and trends.

The one thing you must know about email lists before you do anything.

You may be tempted to just import all of your business contacts to MailChimp and start emailing away.

NOPE. It is required by law that you receive express permission by a person to add them to your mailing list. Express permission means it is verifiable. It is required in the terms of use of all email marketing software. You can read more about the importance of permission here.

Get to Work: Take the Tutorial

MailChimp tutorials abound. I like NYCTechClub’s “How To Use MailChimp Tutorial – STEP BY STEP – 2016”, so I’ve posted it here.

Note: This tutorial doesn’t address collecting emails. Collecting emails (via Facebook, your website and beyond) is a separate task.

If you have questions on collecting emails, creating email campaigns or MailChimp in general, drop me a line. I am more than happy to help.