5 Ways to Improve Customer Focus & Clear a Path to Your Business

Clear a pathway for clients improve customer focus

This morning, I clicked on a video. Instead of the video, I was asked to wait 12 seconds while an ad for local news played.

Like that, I was gone.

Your customers get distracted. In order to improve customer focus and clear the path for them to your products and services, start with some digital housework.

Take a stroll (or stumble?) in their shoes

Your potential buyers and clients want to buy from you!

They’ve made this far: to your website, to your Etsy page, to your social media page.

They’ve even signed up for your newsletter.

They read your posts. They clicked on it!

SO. Now is there something stopping them or distracting them?

Let’s start with a the basics:

Do your links work?

Check all the links on your website. Fix the broken ones. You can do it manually, or use an automator like this one.

Does your contact page work?

Test it. Wait… hey! Do you even have a contact page?

How slow does your page load?

Remember that 12 second ad? Did you know that research shows that after 10 seconds of waiting, your potential buyers feel out of control.

Find out how long takes for your page to load, and ask you digital team to reduce that number to 1 second.

Is your page mobile friendly?

 In 2014, mobile use surpassed desktop as the primary way that users access the web. Your site needs to be “responsive” — ie. it converts to look right on a smaller screen — in order to work for your customer.

Is it? Check here.  If it isn’t, get it done. (Click here to read more about responsive sites).

Do they know exactly what you do?  

This is key. They will visit your about, services and home pages. They need to be able to see themselves there. Make sure these pages clearly answer:

  • What do you do?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • How is your product or service different?
  • Why should I care?

Why you Might be Hesitating

If you own a business now, you already got the hint, right?

People use the internet.

You love a challenge. Yet it’s daunting to get all the social media pieces in place, and to do it right. In fact… it can be tempting (shhh) to just pretend the internet doesn’t exist.

When you Want to Clear a Path

We break it down, piece by piece, and work with you. We help you to learn the process as we go along. You know your customers and your business. We know the digital world.

Together we work to clear the path.

Contact me and feel free to ask me any questions you have.