Where did you go?

One minute there was four of us
Together in the cold white room.
You cradled in daddy’s arms,
So foggy from the pain
Meds, but rumbling still
Your recognition.

Then two vials of liquid into
Your leg and
You are gone.
He holds his hand on your
Breast as if to insist you
Stay in this place but
It doesn’t work.

The doctor nods and whispers
You are gone but, already
I heard it. The dead silence.
The ceiling comes down.

The doctor takes you from
Us and I see your
Tail hanging from the
Green fleece.
No faith abides in
Anything beyond that

Where did you go?

4 thoughts on “Where did you go?

  1. Hard to type with tears streaming down my face… Felt the same letting Sunny go, but hoped she was heading to a celestial field of fresh mown grass chasing butterflies that she could see again. They don’t go anywhere- they live in your heart.

  2. oh my, this seriously made me sob.

    there is so little to say in the way of comfort. only that i know.

    this is a beautiful piece, i am only sorry that your sadness lies behind it.


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