I’ve chosen a road for us
To go and now we are
Headed on out
Because this is the way I
Have said we should go.

What do I know?
I am some tiny god in this
Escher kingdom and I hate all
This exacting power. I don’t want the
Ability to kiss and
Make better–

No. I am greedy and small. Take
Me blind and better
Up the trail and leave
Me there to blaze new
Miseries alone.

Why should I have
Authority or dominion
Over any when I am so far away
And flawed? No. Take me to the
Boundary waters and drop me
There to flounder in the
Wild eddies
Without any plan, or thought
For navigating.

2 thoughts on “Navigating

  1. Oh my goodness, it’s as if you are in my heart. Wow. Thank you for writing what I feel, it helps to know there are words out there.

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