Heart Work

I hear you. Tapping on the glass. You
Want to be let in. You’ve been patiently
Waiting on the stoop for so long, and you’ve
Done your job, enjoying the passersby and
Soaking up the sun. You’ve done all the
Cataloging of songbirds and counting the
Shades of sky as it shifts from dawn to
Dusk. You’ve had your fun, your rest,
Your respite from the toil of
Life. You’ve had your walkabout and
Now are tapping on the storm door
And asking to be let back in to
Work. My heart, I am saying
I hear you.

2 thoughts on “Heart Work

  1. Beautiful post, Joanna. I have an odd relationship with potery I like it, some times, appreciate the creativity, the flow, but I like my potery to be accessible. I don’t like the stuff that makes me really work for it, and I usually don’t like potery that rhymes, either, because it always makes me think of cheesy Hallmark cards but, still. Then there’s the good stuff that draws me in and makes me see things in a new way.

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