Pink Eye

After handing me a cup of
Cinammon tea, Colin gently repeats
How he ordered the nematodes for
The garden. And I “oh-yeah” him
And say: hey, yeah, I think I did
Hear you say that once before heh-heh

This tea I am drinking is from
The second of two identical tins
He gave me at Christmas because
Last year, he said, I moaned
A little bit when the last bag
Was tossed away. And I smell

Chicken noodle soup huffing out from
Under its lid. He made that
Too. And it is a blue Sunday, and the
Cookies wait under lids for the Bake
Sale and the kids putter, and the
Lawn is mowed and I have
Pink eye and something viral and
I have never
Felt this loved before.

3 thoughts on “Pink Eye

  1. GORGEOUS poem despite you being viral. Are you on antibiotics? I write better when on them. ūüėČ

    1. Thanks Karin! I am not sure antibiotics are needed. I am thinking I might be getting more time to write when I am sick though!

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