Last Obstacles

I thought I saw something
Out the corner of my eye
And I was right–
The bright, perfect edges
Of a morning’s light
Chiseling out the
Fine details of my back
Yard:  the bark of the
Wind battered Norway
Maple flew at me
Like a knife hurtling at the
Face of a 3D film
Watcher. Just one sweet
Saturday, 6: 15 a.m.
Leaping like Parkour
Over the last obstacles
Of winter.

One thought on “Last Obstacles

  1. Beautiful! Ironic, I always look for a winter poem for my “first shot of winter” photograph, now you suggest to me that I should do this for spring! I love the image of the Norway Maple, as a child I used to climb in the Norway Maple in my parents front yard. Good way to remember my youth, thanks!

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