This week’s theme is ‘body.’

Headless In the Flower Flow


I am walking through the
Pages of another magazine
And I am sighing a sigh I have
Given up on sighing in mixed
Company; I’ve traded it for
Screaming inside at the
Parade of  parts
Pieces of her, scattered
On more and more pages–

Blahnik’s bloodless
Severed feet,
Dazzling ringed
Fingers still on their hands but
Sliced at the wrists, a sweet
Headless girl and her
Perfect neck for pearls.

All sold for
Pretty parts.

Photo credit: Headless In the Flower Flow by Lomo-Cam, on Flickr Creative Commons

2 thoughts on “Parts

  1. Beautifully expressed! We’re supposed to desire what the parts are displaying, but we end up envious of the beauty of the parts (or sad for their exploitation.)

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