Label Speak

Breaking down
Boxes then
‘Sea’ label gives
Up the
Glue and floats
Down my body.

Yet still
With all London
Gone by.

This post is from my poetry series for January, “In the Details” — daily small stones and photos, as part of The River of Stones.

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2 thoughts on “Label Speak

  1. Johanna Fenton says:

    Elizabeth, I just had to click over and read this post, based on the title. I just knew it’d be a treasure.

    Three years gone by, several moves later, we still have boxes with labels for sea freight from Papua New Guinea. Many are now filled with other things. I find it difficult to remove the old labels.

    1. admin says:

      I was shocked at the memories that rolled out just at the sight of that label. I can remember the face and even the voice of one of the men who took the boxes away in Kansas City.


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