Is this you?

  • An established independent or small business owner
  • Solid in your area of expertise and you know your target market
  • Struggling to keep up with social media,  and digital marketing?
  • Have an out-dated website, or none at all?
  • Know you aren’t getting “found” online, but don’t know how to fix it?

If this is you, let me help.

Hello… I’m Elizabeth Howard, writer.

You need a writer, researcher and SEO specialist:

  • To write what you don’t know how to write
  • To write what you’d rather outsource to someone else (smart!)
  • To optimize your online presence and help you get found
  • To give your written copy a consistent voice and message across channels

That’s what I do.

Elizabeth g Howard

Content and SEO Strategist
Demand Poet

I am a journalist, marketing strategist, researcher, and Demand Poet.

I bring the old world into the new with digital communication that is targeted and optimized, yet layered with nostalgia, empathy and heart.

You tell me what you want, and I deliver.

You want to educate your customers and readers

You want to share the stories that make you and your brand unique.

You want your content and media to provide customers with the tools to convert.

I research. I get to know you. I tell your story.

Want to read more about me? Here’s how.  Or just…

Write me a Letter - Original Photo by E. Howard
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