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Elizabeth Howard Marketing Artists & Artisans in paradise

Hello… I’m Elizabeth Howard, writer.

You need a writer, researcher and thoughtful mind:

  • To write what you don’t know how to write
  • To write what you prefer to outsource to another (smart!)
  • To optimize your reach
  • To give your written copy a consistent voice and message across channels

That’s what I do.

Elizabeth g Howard
Content and SEO Strategist
Demand Poet

I am a journalist, market strategist, researcher, and Demand Poet. I bring the old world into the new with digital communication that is targeted and optimized, yet layered with nostalgia, empathy and heart.

You tell me what you want, and I deliver.

I take your concept and solidify it. I put your ideas into words, and expand their  reach.

Your website, journal, social media needs revision and integration. I research. I get to know you. I tell your story.

Want to read more about me? Here’s how.  Or just…

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